Announcing Fortunafi's TAP: The First Global Cross-Chain Tokenization Protocol

Fortunafi is excited to announce the forthcoming launch of the Tokenized Asset Protocol (TAP), the first global cross-chain tokenization protocol. Using our app, market participants will be able to gain exposure to a broad range of asset-backed tokens across a number of Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchain protocols.

It’s About That Time…

Fortunafi is excited to announce the forthcoming launch of the Tokenized Asset Protocol (TAP), the first global cross-chain tokenization protocol. Using our app, market participants will be able to gain exposure to a broad range of asset-backed tokens across a number of Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchain protocols. By leveraging Fortunafi's TAP, market participants and protocols can utilize various tokens backed by high quality and attractive yields for unique implementations onchain. Soon, existing market participants will have access to new markets and opportunities and will no longer need to rely on opaque, inefficient, and costly traditional financial institutions that have long dominated access to the capital markets.

Why We’re Excited

As we’ve previously noted, Real World Assets (RWA) have the potential to be a $30 trillion market opportunity by 2030. The technological efficiencies of blockchain technology and inefficiencies of traditional financial markets present a unique opportunity for virtually every asset class in the world to exist onchain. The forthcoming tokenization of trillions of dollars worth of assets means that new markets will surface while existing markets will become larger, more efficient, and transparent thanks to the autonomy and openness of blockchain technology. Additionally, the advent of tokenization means that asset owners, service providers, and/or investors will greatly benefit from improved capital efficiency, democratization of access to new markets, operational cost savings, enhanced audibility & transparency, and cheaper and more nimble infrastructure.

As we see it, the launch of TAP will play a key role in helping the world realize the benefits of RWA. Furthermore, this release represents yet another step in Fortunafi becoming a dominant player in the RWA industry; we’re enabling the transferability of high-quality tokenized assets cross-chain for market participants in both the U.S. and internationally while also bringing more utility and efficiency to the broader RWA and stablecoin sectors. Although this release marks a major step for us, it’s merely the start of a much greater push in bridging the gap between Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Traditional Finance (TradFi).

How It Works

Users who complete KYC/B (Know Your Customer/Business) verification will have their wallets whitelisted to enable permission to deposit funds into an array of traditional assets. Upon being whitelisted, users will select an asset on the TAP app to deposit USDC into a smart contract. After the user’s USDC has been deposited, a smart contract will send the user a token representing one of many asset types supported. Returns will accrue to the token, which can be redeemed by users at any point on the tokenization app to receive their original investment plus/minus returns generated.

The Tokenized Asset Protocol (TAP) App

It should be noted that although USDC will be deposited onchain, investments will be executed and custodial via our institutional brokerage partners. NAV Fund Administration Group, Fortunafi’s fund administrator, will provide daily reporting on all onchain and offchain transactions, which will be accessible to users through the app. Berkower, Fortunafi's 3rd party auditor, will audit all assets to provide additional transparency. We at Fortunafi believe transparency is fundamental to the success of any crypto economy, and RWA is no exception.

TAP app users can:

  • Select from a variety of assets that can be natively minted and redeemed from an array of blockchains

  • Track each asset’s yield, fees, and current share price

  • Mint and redeem anytime using USDC

  • Track current orders, past orders, order history, and performance.


The release of our TAP app means Fortunafi can officially offer U.S. and non-U.S. market participants a number of benefits that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to realize. For instance, users and/or protocols can:

  • Access fully compliant tokens backed by assets in a bankruptcy remote structure available to users globally

  • Add our tokens as collateral to enable new use cases and drive real yield to their ecosystem(s)

  • Mint and redeem natively on top of Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchains

  • Transfer fund tokens onchain to be used in a number of different protocols & dApps

  • Allocate treasury holdings to high-quality assets that generate relatively attractive risk-adjusted returns

  • Have greater transparency of their investments due to verifiable onchain transactions

  • Pay lower fees thanks to the cost savings realized from autonomous smart contract execution and onchain transaction history.

Where We’re Headed & What’s Next

The forthcoming launch of the TAP app marks the early innings in Fortunafi offering a broad array of products and services across several Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchains. With this upcoming release and others that follow suit, we seek to position Fortunafi as a powerhouse in the RWA ecosystem and, in turn, help accelerate the tokenization of high-quality assets. Accordingly, users and market participants can expect us to announce new assets, support for new chains, new integrations, new ways to invest, and non-custodial RWA swaps in the months and quarters ahead.

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Disclaimer: The Fortunafi Tokenized Asset Protocol (TAP) is exclusively available to accredited/qualified individuals and entities who have successfully completed the KYC/B (Know Your Customer / Business) verification process as required by relevant financial regulations. The app is intended for use by users who meet the necessary accreditation and qualification criteria. Users should seek their own financial and legal counsel before making any investment decisions.