Fortunafi To Expand Its Tokenized Asset Protocol (TAP) With Three New Products

The next MAJOR update to our Tokenized Asset Protocol is around the corner!

We're thrilled to announce that yet another major leap forward in the world of DeFi and Real World Assets (RWA) is around the corner. As a pioneering force in a market-wide effort to bring high-quality assets onchain, we’re excited to announce the forthcoming release of three new tokenized products on our Tokenized Asset Protocol (TAP) app!

Introducing Fortunafi's New Product Suite

Reflecting on the wants and needs of market participants in the cryptoasset industry, we intend to roll out three new product offerings shortly. Through TAP, users who have successfully completed KYC will be able to access the following new products on the Arbitrum, Blast, and Canto blockchains:

  • Spot Coinbase (fCOIN/ifCOIN) - Provides liquid exposure to spot Coinbase (COIN) shares.

  • Spot Robinhood (fHOOD/ifHOOD) - Provides liquid exposure to spot Robinhood (HOOD) shares.

  • Equity Index (fSPQQQ/ifSPQQQ) - A 50-50 mix of liquid exposure to Nasdaq (QQQ) and S&P 500 (SPY) ETFs.

Users in the U.S. will be able to access the aforementioned products via fCOIN, fHOOD, and fSPQQQ. Non-U.S. users will be able to access our suite of products through ifCOIN, ifHOOD, and ifSPQQQ.

How to Get Ready!

As mentioned, existing TAP users who have successfully completed KYC will soon be able to access three new products.

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If you haven’t yet registered with our TAP app, please follow the instructions listed below to get started on your journey:

Visit our web portal here.

  1. If you're new, connect your wallet and sign up for a Quadrata Web3 Passport; if you already have one, connect your wallet and finalize any additional requirements.

  2. Follow the prompts to complete the KYC process.

  3. If you encounter any issues, please email a reference ID to [email protected] and [email protected].

You will receive an email confirmation once you’ve completed your KYC verification. This email will notify you of the outcome of your KYC process and next steps.

  • If You Pass KYC: Congratulations! You will receive a subsequent email requiring you to complete subscription documentation. This is the final step before your wallet is whitelisted, granting you full access to the TAP app.

  • If You Do Not Pass KYC: We will provide guidance on any further actions you may need to take.

Additional Details

U.S. & Non-U.S. Support 🌐
Depending on where users are domiciled and KYC’d, our smart contract code will issue a token to U.S. investors. Non-U.S. users will mint an equivalent version of our products.

Mint & Redeem 🛠️
Users can request to mint and/or redeem 24/7, and orders will be processed during U.S. market hours. Our offering means that market participants no longer need to wait several business days to manage their exposure to the underlying assets backing our products. Furthermore, crypto natives can now access yields that far exceed the lending rate offered on some of the most popular DeFi protocols, such as Aave and Compound, for less risk. All of our products can be minted with USDC.

Supported Networks 👨‍💻
All of our products are or will be available on Arbitrum, Blast, and Canto, permissionless general-purpose blockchains running the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). We plan to expand our offering to many of the largest Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchains in the coming months and quarters.

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